In an IOT (Internet of Things) smart world, more affordable smart-home and smart-office technology is advancing at a rapid rate.

Home, office, warehouse and store automation is no longer simply an invention of science fiction or a possibility for the distant future… it is here now!

From simple lighting, temperature, security management, to home entertainment control, smart home technology is becoming more intuitive, ordering food supplies and alerting us to home maintenance issues.

The technology is here, and HERM TechLogic, together with HERM Built is making it more affordable… the future truly is now!

What is a smart home?

A smart home really is smart. A home with a smart technology ecosystem incorporates a range of automotive systems that can control anything from the lighting, to the air temperature, to multi-media devices, to security, to changing glass from ‘clear’ to ‘opaque’ … to the opening and closing of doors and windows. In other words, a smart home owner will be able to remotely control and access their house/office and key electrical appliances and services … all of this + more from anywhere at anytime.

Ecosystem Technology

At the center of a well-designed smart home, including office, warehouse and store is a robust agile ecosystem; and at HERM Tech Logic, we take a holistic consultative approach to design and implementation of affordable ecosystems by considering and match technology of choice from world-leading hardware and software application providers.

By doing so, we can provide a fully integrated wired and/or wireless eco-solution from comparable smart technologies (protocols) to crate the right smart home/office ecosystem that is right for you.

An ecosystem to enhance the comfort, convenience, security and energy management for your home/office… and one that is also expandable!

Who’s Buying It?

The demographic that is buying up smart home tech is consumers ages 30 to 44, says Michael Wolf, founder of NextMarket Insights, for two reasons: Gen X’ers are tech-savvy and, as a group, they are in their highest earning years.

USA A 2016 study found that nearly half of Americans either already own or plan on installing smart home technology. And 70 percent of those who have this type of technology in their home said they’d be more likely to buy another smart home product.

Australia A 2015 survey by Better Homes and Gardens reported that 68% of Millennials’ surveyed think that smart home technology is a good investment for their homes, and a recent study of buyers’ trends by the National Association of Realtors found this demographic represents the largest share of potential homebuyers.

New Zealand Professor Hans Guegsen, chair in computer science at Massey University, said automation was a growing trend in New Zealand homes – and many people were automating without even realising it. He pointed to heat pumps that can be controlled from a smartphone, and plugs that turn on and off at the touch of an app.

Perhaps most telling is that 72 percent of homeowners aged 18 to 34 would actually pay more – thousands more – for smart home features.

Who + How will it be installed?

The easiest and least expensive way to install smart wiring is to do so as a house or office, warehouse or store is being built. HERM TechLogic together with HERM Built can future-proof your current home, or in the case of a new project, we can design + build a smart passive home, office, warehouse or store with state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings to minimise your operating cost and maximise your live work+living environment.

With the right technology ecosystem, owners of smart homes, offices, warehouses and stores can remotely operate their security system, control HVAC (heat, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, control lighting, control blinds and shutters, and programme an entertainment system. These can all be monitored, controlled and accessed via a smartphone, tablet or laptop … from anywhere at anytime.

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