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Great Automation Eco-Solutions Made Beautifully Simple

Taking a consultative and balance approach, HERM Telch Logic Distribution makes it easy to deliver great home and commercial automation systems.

With each of our customer centered ‘Package Options’ the HERM Tech Logic smarthome team has test and analysed a latest technologies and application in the market from our major suppliers, and then integrate the best of these into easy to install pre-programmed packages.

  • SmartStarter
  • SmartPlus
  • SmartDeluxe
  • SmartInfinity

These pre-configured packages + installation and remote programming services takes the complexity of ‘DIY’ … and makes it more cost effective to take full advantage world best technologies, and peace of mind. In addition, commissioning is also included… making it simple and easy to use systems that can be controlled from your phone.

The smarthome answers the need for simple Home Automation solutions that are cost effective and provide access to the life enhancing features people are coming to expect.



Run Your Home From Your Phone

As well as giving you brand new features like push security notifications, sensor by sensor activation alerts, easy camera access and closed group activation response options, OneTouch App integrates the different Apps you use to monitor and control your home or workplace into one App. Gone are the days of scrolling about trying to find the right one!

Control your entertainment system, play music and control the playback devices at your home and work, monitor your security system or help keep an aged relative safe and sound. And so much more.

Built on a robust platform to control your home or office, OneTouch works with the best including Leviton, Bitwise, RTI, Sonos, Heos, Spotify, Apple, and much more.

Works with Leviton Omni

The App provides Advanced Notifications from Leviton Omni Security and Automation systems to and between everyone in the family or workplace. It also integrates your media Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and assists the user to play through the Leviton HiFi. It has seamless integration with Bitwise, but can also link to RTI or other control systems.

Works with Spotify, Apple Music, etc

OneTouch App helps you play music from your Apps to your home’s audio system.

Works with Google

OneTouch App provides easy access to shared documents such as shopping lists, to-do Lists… and more!


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